borne who?

G’day, I’m Jessie – the owner and creative (mum) brain behind Borne Too.

I’m a mum-of-two, FIFO-wife and Registered Nurse and have mainly worked in emergency for over 12 years.

Motherhood and the notion that I was ‘born’ too when I had my first baby, was the catalyst for me to embrace my love of drawing and illustrating.

Anyone with children would know, attempting creativity can be pretty challenging with rambunctious kids nipping at your heels all day – so, thanks to technology – I’ve been learning to create art digitally.

I love drawing – particularly portraits but will try my hand at any project from pets, to cars to random illustrations, I love a challenge!

It has been my constant, my source of challenge and inspiration as well as connecting me with so many other amazing mums and women in business.

When I’m not creating, you can find me bailing up the nearest person for a chat.  I love to talk and I get my jollies trying to make people laugh – particularly with quality dad-jokes.  Being around illness, injury and all those nursey things has reinforced my appreciation for laughter being truly the best medicine.


My love of the chat  has lead me to launch my own podcast What I Know About Motherhood and Business (tip: turns out- not a lot, but I’m learning)

In the poddy, I tap into the wealth of knowledge that is the small business community here in Perth.  Other business owners share their tips for not only surviving, but thriving in business and in life!

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to sharing this crazy ride with you.



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Borne Too is a creative enterprise specialising in illustration and custom content creation for your small business.

Based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. 

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