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why a brand was born

Hi! I’m Jessie

I’m the owner and mum behind Borne Too.

Before having kids, my style was probably best described as tomboy chic.  I lived in tees and denim-cutoffs yet loved mixing it up with girly pieces and heels from time-to-time.  Mostly, style was easy, it felt effortless and self-expressive.

Fast forward to mum-life…

I went blindly into my breastfeeding journey with my first child.  I hadn’t given any thought to how I might need to change my style and soon realised my tees weren’t so boobin’ friendly.   I had a rocky start to breastfeeding and found the little clothing I did have just didn’t cut it (especially due to my gigantic milk-makers).  I loathed that I had to buy clothes that served a purpose and not because I WANTED to wear them.

And so, Borne Too was born…

Borne of the need for something to transform my beloved tees into feed-wear that comfortably covered my mum-tum.

Borne from the need for soft, stretch fabric for my newfound curves.

Borne from the longing to wear all my other fabulous pre-pregnancy tops that remained miserably on the rack.

If style tells a story, it shouldn’t only be that you are a breastfeeding mother.

for more about borne Too

For more insight into the beginnings of the brand, mum-life musings, helpful hints and so much more, pop over to the Borne Too BLOG.

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