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 Mums share their personal experiences with breastfeeding:

The triumphs, the struggles and the in-between.

Meet Amee, Mum to Hurricane Havana. Self-proclaimed ‘bad vegetarian’.   Serial Netflix binger. Inhaler of all things chocolate and a massive smoothie bowl fan.  She’s also a business owner, running style, makeup and hair workshops for mums over at The Birth Squad

What surprised you the most (if anything) about breastfeeding?  

Two things. How hard and how easy it would be… I ended up having an emergency caesarean so while she latched on perfectly from the get go but it took FOREVER for my milk to come in. I was lucky to enough to have one hell of a lactation consultant on hand at the hospital. For 24 hours every time she fed I had to attach a teeny tiny tube to my nipple that was attached to formula so that she was still able to latch and get something to drink, while I hand milked my other boob to stimulate the milk. (She had lost a lot of weight after birth). It worked! I wasn’t actually all that attached to breast feeding but wanted to give it a red hot go because my birth was so awful. From then on it was exhausting but easy at the same time and I loved how easy it was to leave the house because as long as my boobs came we were good.

Did you have any breastfeeding ‘goals’?  

I wanted to breastfeed for at least a year but I didn’t want to walk around with a toddler ripping my boob out whenever she felt like it. I cut her off at 15 months… funnily enough she still tries to pop my boob out for the fun of it.

What did you find the hardest or struggle with the most when breastfeeding?  

At the beginning I was so scared of other people. I didn’t want to expose myself and be criticised or publicly humiliated. I got over that pretty quickly and was comfortable enough to feed her whenever wherever without a cover because she hated it.

What was/is your go-to breastfeeding look/outfit? 

Baggy t-shirt with a singlet underneath to hide my belleh and denim cutoffs.

What did/do you enjoy the most about your breastfeeding journey?  

I don’t know how to put it into words. I was in total awe that my body just did what it needed to do to feed her.   I loved the cuddles. The moments in the middle of the night when it felt like we were the only people in the world awake.   I loved having her so close.   I loved her latching on in the morning and us dozing next to each other.   I loved how easy it was (I was really fortunate) and I loved watching her turn into a chunky monkey all from me.

What advice would you give mums-to-be surrounding breastfeeding?

You do you! Fuck everyone else. Everyone has so many opinions and advice. If you want to pull your boobs out to feed, do it, if you want to cover up then do it. If you want to do it privately then do it. Also don’t forget that you are still a person, you have an identity and you are more than just someone keeping a tiny human alive. Find something that makes YOU happy as a person outside of Mum life and do that. A happy, fulfilled Mum is what your baby needs

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