Introducing the

Biz lift Mini Mastermind!

A 6-week mini mastermind for busy mums to get clarity, take action and leave the chaos behind in your business.

Honestly, being a mum & juggling all the things, it can be overwhelming.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there (I AM there) too.

I know you’re wanting to make progress in your business but you feel like you’re constantly taking two steps forward, two steps back.

You finally feel on track, then suddenly you’ve got a sick child, school commitments, a husband that’s away for work or a birthday party to plan, your business plans get messy.

You’re thinking “How will I ever grow my business when I have a million other things on my plate?”

You crave the village, the support of other women, just like you.

I see you, I hear you and I’ve created this especially for you.

Because with the right support system, you CAN do it. All you need is a little lift.

Join me in the foundation round of the Biz Boost mini mastermind kicking off September 27.


This mastermind is for you if:

  • You’re needing support to grow your business while you’re busy juggling ALL THE THINGS (I see you, mamas!)

  • You’re ready to make changes but you’re not sure where to start.

  • You want help in creating and sticking to your goals.
  • You’re in business already but you’re feeling stuck & unmotivated

  • You want to be surrounded like-minded women who just get it.


Mastermind Includes:


  • Fortnightly online group coaching/mastermind sessions. Here we’ll bounce around your business ideas, workshop solutions and innovate your big money moves, we’ll brainstorm and provide helpful advice in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Alternate fortnightly live expert presentations on hot topics to support you to make the changes necessary to grow your business, including:
    • Business mindset (and how to get out of your own way!)
    • Social media strategy
    • Websites that convert to sales
    • BONUS live on creating the perfect marketing & social media content using Canva
  • Access to the exclusive Mastermind Facebook group to keep the conversations going way beyond our meet-ups & to help you connect with the other women taking part. 

  • The platform to create lasting connections and friendships with other women in business.

HI, I’m Jessie!

Mum of 3, FIFO wife to my husband Kane, Registered Nurse, chipaholic and business owner.  I totally get how exhausting it can be juggling ALL THE THINGS in business and life and feel like you’re dropping balls left, right and centre!

I started Borne Too as a maternity label and pivoted over into all things creative when I found myself falling in love with the business development side of the experience when I was on my product-based biz journey.  I feel so grateful for the rollercoaster I’ve been on because it has lead me to flex one of my biggest muscles and something that brings me so much joy- my creativity!

I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside women who are doing HUGE things in the biz-world, specialising in creating marketing graphics, custom illustrations and honing creative strategy around product & service launches.

I understand how it can feel like you’re being pulled in so many directions – when you love working on your business but it gets shuffled to the bottom of the priority pile, time and time again.  It starts to feel like you’re never going to find your ‘groove’ or momentum on your business front.  As a FIFO wife, I know exactly how hard it is to feel like you’re always chasing your tail.

The biggest contributor to my success as a business owner has been finding women to share this journey with. Hands-down.  Sharing life experience, the highs and lows of business as well as having someone to laugh (and sometimes cry) with, is priceless.  This is why community is something that I’m so passionate about creating with this mastermind.

Getting vulnerable with ourselves and others, is ironically, a sign of strength and I believe the more we do it, the more we bloom.

Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait to share this journey with you and watch you grow, too.


Jessie has a way of giving you permission to be unapologetically you. She is the first person I turn to when I have self doubt and she is always there whenever I need a kick up the bum to get on with a project or idea.

She listens wholeheartedly and even when we don’t have the same perspective she always presents hers with respect for my point of view…She has the ability to take any situation and find the good in it, her cup is always half full.

I am pretty stoked to have her in my circle, she has been such a positive influence in my life.”

Tara, Black Lash Makeup Design.

“Fun, smart and super passionate about helping other mums in business connect and help each other succeed…

You genuinely want to help other small businesses and guide them on their journey by sharing real, honest truths that help other mums by knowing they aren’t alone on their journey...”

Bree, Knot Just Cords

Includes 3 masterclasses with these powerhouse contributors to the mums in biz space:


Tracey Spencer


Biz butt-kicker, champion of women living their lightwork and mama to a gorgeous little boy. Tracey will be delivering her signature truth bombs in a masterclass all about how to get out of your own way when it comes to living a life of passion and purpose, while being true to the matters on your heart.

Elle Lacey

Serial business owner, seasoned Social Media Manager and the founder of Socially Vitality, Elle built two 6-Figure businesses from scratch with her babies on her lap. All of which would not have been possible without the help of social media and she wants to help your business thrive on social media too, so that you too can enjoy a business you love and deserve.


Gillian Corker

 Gilly is a website and SEO coach who helps small business women gain the skills and confidence to build, edit and maintain their own websites.

After being sacked when pregnant she was determined to never go back to a corporate gig and wanted to make a difference in other women’s lives who get to a point where working for ‘the man’ ain’t working for them.

Gilly believes even the smallest of small businesses should have a killer website and is determined to help women build strong businesses that support them and their families.

At the end of this 6-week mini mastermind, you’ll:

  • Have confidence in your ability to take action in your business even when you’re juggling it all.
  • Be crystal clear about your vision for your business and the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Feel supported and seen by other likeminded women in business.
  • Have new connections, expanding your network with other mums in the small business space.
  • Be running your business from a place that feels easy and aligned for YOU.



1 x payment of $557 (AUD) to secure your place in this 6 week mini mastermind.

Limited positions

Registrations close Sunday 19th September 6pm WST.

 “Jessie has a real gift for understanding people, their problems and what they can do to troubleshoot them and she does it in such a REAL, easy to understand way.  Her advice is empowering because she lays it out so simply.  I feel like everyone would benefit from speaking to her.   She feels like someone to hold your hand and guide you through all the ups and downs, not only in business but in life.”
“Jessie is a wizard! She has this amazing ability to take your ideas and bring them to life – far and beyond what you could imagine! I ALWAYS get comments about how good the graphics for my business are – and it’s all Jessie’s magic. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Tahyrn, The Social Bolt



Borne Too is a creative enterprise specialising in illustration and custom content creation for your small business.

Based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. 

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