Breastfeeding and wardrobe basics for every mum

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Last month we visited Staple Store Fremantle to check out their beautiful range of clothing, creating looks to serve as inspiration for style as a breastfeeding mum.   As the name suggests, Staple Store is full to the brim of quality basics, with a philosophy that owner Dirima describes as ‘essential wear for everywhere’.

I felt that the whole vibe with Staple Store was synonymous with our own.  Quality, versatile basics that can be dressed up or down simply by mixing up your accessories or outerwear.

The premise behind Borne Too was the versatility of our pieces. I wanted to create styles that you could wear with just about anything you already own in your wardrobe, expanding your options when breastfeeding and allowing you to embrace your own individual style.

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We did a quick Q & A with Staple Store owner and mum, Dirima to get a feel for the person and philosophy behind her store and brand:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and Staple Store Fremantle:  

    I’m an anthropologist and I have an architecture degree, so I’m interested in how people and design come together. In particular, I like to help my customers make better decisions about what they wear, taking into account lifestyle, personality, value, body shape and more. 

  2. What is your philosophy/vision behind Staple Store Fremantle?

    Staple Store Fremantle is the culmination of years testing dozens of labels on thousands of customers. We call our collection: ‘essential wear for everywhere’ because we’re confident that you’ll get loads of wear out of every piece you find in our store. Simple, practical items like jeans and tees are elevated by an embroidered jacket, printed scarf or statement jewellery to take you anywhere.

  3. What are some staple wardrobe pieces you would recommend for mums?

    We don’t have categories for any of our customers because we think with a few changes in accessories, you should be able to wear all of our clothes all the time. But breast feeding mums will love our button down shirts and super stretchy skinny jeans! 

  4. Do you have any advice for mums who may be on a budget but would still love to wear high-quality pieces?

    Good question! I find that shifting the emphasis from price to value will give you a much more useful, inspiring wardrobe. One high value piece will make everything else you’re wearing look a million dollars, so consider where it’s worth adding value and where you can cut corners.  We offer a range of price points to help make the decision easier and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help. Plus we offer generous lay-by terms.

  5. And finally, describe your go-to outfit for mum-life:

    Hands down a button down shirt, skinny jeans, ankle boots and statement jewellery. I prefer to add my high value pieces in the form of jackets and knitwear which are robust enough to cope with most things parenting throws at me and aren’t as much affected by changes in body shape.

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Check out some of our images captured on the day featuring Borne Too basics and Staple Store Fremantle pieces.

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Our favourite styling tips for the Freedom Range:

Freedom Feeding Tank – perfect tucked into jeans under a striped tee or worn under a feminine blouse and skirt.

Freedom Feeding Midi dress – such a versatile piece, we loved the look of this worn with a soft cotton tee and layered with a cardi.

Freedom Feeding Maxi dress – A bit more length means a bit more warmth – paired to perfection with a gorgeous knit for the cooler weather.

What is your favourite look?  How would/do you wear your Borne Too?


Thanks to Dirima and the staff at Staple Store Fremantle for this fabulous collaboration.  Watch this space for upcoming style workshops, tailored for mums in conjunction with Staple Store Fremantle and Borne Too.

Be sure to stop in and visit the ladies next time you are in Fremantle, you are guaranteed to find something you love.

 Staple Store Fremantle, 105 South Terrace Fremantle 6160.

Phone: (08) 9430 4999

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