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by | Aug 20, 2020 | Business

When I started Borne Too, I was completely starting from scratch.

I had zero business skills – coming from a nursing background, I was good with people but honestly pretty shite with anything remotely business related.  I just didn’t have that knowledge bank (yet!)

Being on maternity leave meant we were a single income family – plus if you’ve ever had part in manufacturing clothing, you would know that the whole process haemorrhages money.  So I had no bucks to spare on anything too flashy.

I knew branding was important but just didn’t have the money to pay a professional for a branding package.

My branding needed to look somewhat polished but I knew it didn’t have to be perfect and I that would refine it down the track as the brand evolved.

My DIY branding tips:

1. Use Canva for your logo.

Canva makes business branding and design ridiculously easy and it’s free for the basic features.

Creating a logo on Canva means:

  • You can remain consistent in your fonts and sizes across your content because you have access to them for free.
  • You can customise in your brand colours.
  • It’s easy to save transparent background (PNG) images which are super useful across your content marketing (Canva pro subscription needed for this.)
  • Hassle-free creation of social media posts, PDFs, Pinterest graphics and more! You can literally create everything you need for content on Canva.

2. Play around with your fonts and stick to them.

Having a contrasting serif/sans serif font, combined with a script font is a bit of a no-brainer – you see it on branding everywhere and for good reason – it looks ace! Consistency is key for professional-looking branding, so once you choose those fonts, try to stick with them.

3. Employ a simple colour palette, with complimentary colours.

Again, Canva Pro has this feature – when you choose your primary branding colour, it will automatically select complimenting/contrasting colours. Some other websites that can help you here are :,

Make sure you note down the HEX code (a number that states with a # an is generally a combination of numbers and/or letters) this helps to keep the colours consistent across your different devices so every time you use the colour, you get as close as possible to the original (different screens sometimes do skew colours a bit)


4. Create a mini brand mood board.

When you hire a professional to create custom branding, they will complete brand guidelines which are comprehensive.

You can Google many examples of brand guidelines – use them for inspo to create your own mini mood board, remember to keep it simple – don’t complicate things.

You really can get by with a simple mood board, with your logo, fonts, colours and inspo pics if you like.  You can grab my free Canva mood board template here.

5. Lastly, don’t overthink it. 

This doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t stress about particulars.  You just want to get it out there, you can perfect it all in good time when you have more budget and you have the time, space and moolah to commit to a professional job.


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