How do you boob?

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Breastfeeding style doesn’t mean a uniform.

I found pregnancy to be an exciting time.  It took us a little longer than expected to fall pregnant (around a year) the first time ’round.  When we did I felt like I was ready to embrace everything that pregnancy was.  I won’t bore you with my pregnancy details but let’s just say, it was a fairly uneventful pregnancy.  Hormonal acne and a touch of morning sickness were my biggest concerns and the rest was pretty ‘text-book’ in terms of cooking a baby.


Fast forward to actually having my daughter (probably the only thing that wasn’t text-book, with her arrival just shy of 37 weeks). 

Breastfeeding was hard.  I hadn’t given much thought to breastfeeding as I never thought it was going to be a challenge.  It was something I knew I wanted to do and I never realised how much I wanted to do it until I had issues.  As she was born a tad early she was a sleepy bub so had some latching issues – I had to do a lot of pumping and bottle-feeding with EBM (that’s expressed breast milk if you are new to mum-land).  My nipples were angry and chapped, my boobs were engorged, I was struggling with oversupply and I was exhausted. Round-the-clock feeding, top-ups, expressing and waking a sleepy bub to then having to resettle her after a feed felt like some sort of torture.

Safe to say it wasn’t the easiest transition to motherhood and def was nowhere near as smooth-sailing as my pregnancy had been!

Throw into this chaos the fact that I naively hadn’t purchased much in the way of maternity wear for breastfeeding.

I had some beautiful comfy clothes that looked great with my growing baby bump but none of them were breastfeeding friendly. 

All I had was a couple of breastfeeding singlets (you know the ones!) and two maternity bras (yes, I know WTF was I thinking?)  These were void at first too when engorgement saw I had boobs like rockmelons.  I am not exaggerating here – my breasts were lumpy and so damn heavy, much like rockmelons.

4 days postpartum in my mad rush to the shops looking for clothes, I couldn’t find anything that I would want to wear as me, that was breastfeeding friendly.  

It seemed breastfeeding and style weren’t synonymous.  

Sure, I found maternity wear.   Most of it, designed for a bump or with an obvious flap over the boobs, or both.  Where was something I could throw my fave t-shirts over? Where were styles that kept my new mum-tum covered, allowed for discrete breastfeeding and in my case – easy access for pumping.

I was spewing that I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear.  I bought some pieces out of necessity (and desperation) because I felt like I had no choice at the time.   From then I joined the flap-top brigade and it left me feeling flat.   There were feelings of sadness because I was still me, I still wanted to wear the clothes that made me feel like me, but I had no option because I was breastfeeding and having to pump regularly.

From this whole experience, Borne Too was born (like what I did there?). 

Born out of the fact that I wanted clothing for me that still fit the brief of breastfeeding.  I wanted clothing that was practical, comfortable, versatile (so I could resurrect those tees) and allowed me to dress in my own style, in my own way.  I didn’t want to have to wear a flap-top* because it was the only thing I could get to my boobs in.

This year we are showing you just how versatile Borne Too basics can be.  As a mum you may look at them and think ‘it’s not my style’ or ‘maybe when I lose my baby weight’ but we’ll be showing you how you can mix up your style and feel comfortable and most importantly, feel like you when boobin’.

I’ve teamed up with some amazing local businesses that are all about empowering mums to be the best versions of themselves and feel fabulous.   Join us in starting a movement to show how breastfeeding and style can coexist.  We want you to show us your favourite breastfeeding style that makes you feel like YOU:

How do you boob?

By mixing different ‘regular’ clothes with Borne Too breastfeeding wear, not only will you see how many different ways you can wear a staple piece but more importantly, we’ll show you how much FUN you can still have with your style when breastfeeding.  Follow the journey over on our Instagram and Facebook and get behind the hashtag #howdoyouboob with your breastfeeding style!



*Just a little disclaimer about the flap-top.  Flap-tops serve their purpose and I can attest to their functionality.  No flap-top hate.

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