8 ways to make some extra cash in motherhood

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Nothing like motherhood to make you realise how much cash you no longer have. 

And nothing like a baby to make you haemmorhage money.

There are some pretty simple ideas to help scrape together a bit of extra cashola in the time after having a baby.  If you like listening to the Gary Vee podcasts (like I do) he talks a lot about flipping shit.  That’s basically the premise for a lot of these ideas.

Like I said, no magic here – just a few suggestions that may inspire you…

1. Sell your baby items that you no longer need.

That wipes warmer, the Gro Egg you never used, the breastfeeding pillow that didn’t see the light of day.

Sell ‘em on Facebook marketplace – which is totally FREE or Gumtree (also FREE) or eBay (fees).

Sell the second-hand baby clothes that you think may be worth something, you can bundle things together too for ease of selling in batches.

If you aren’t sure what you could sell or how much it could fetch – do a bit of browsing on the above mentioned platforms as market research.

Just another thought – you could ask your mum friends if they have things they want to sell, too and offer to do it for them for a small commission.  Everyone loves when someone else helps them sort their problems.  Winning!

2. Grow some plants.

Plant cuttings – so easy to propagate plants simply by snipping a bit off a larger plant.  Check out this nifty little blog with how-to set up your own propagation station.

Sell your new sprouts in pretty pots/jars/receptacles or even easier: sell them as-is.  Simples.

Facebook marketplace as well as local markets/fairs/fetes are a great place to advertise your cuttings.

3. Sell your skills.

Using something like Airtasker, you can list yourself for services of which you may have the skills, or skillZ if you’re hood.

Perhaps you are a graphic designer, maybe a reliable house cleaner? Bookkeeping, babysitting, baking… I could go on.

There is no reason you can’t offer your services on an ad-hoc basis.  You never know what opportunities it might lead to…

I have a podcast coming with 20 business ideas for stay-at-home-mums, very soon!  Keep in the loop by joining the mailing list.

4. Try affiliate marketing.

There’s platforms like Tribe that make it easy to dip your toe in the affiliate/sponsored content pool – especially good if you have a little bit of a social media following.

Many bigger brands have affiliate marketing programs – where you receive a unique link and if people purchase through that link you make a commission… So if you are someone who likes to sell things for other people by word of mouth, why not try and make a little money from it?

5. Pamphlet drops.

Companies including small business and not-for-profits are always looking for willing people to drop marketing materials.

This is especially good if you have a newborn and are wanting to pound the pavement with your pram… again, may as well make a little money doing something you would probably be doing anyway, amiright?

Just make sure you commit to an amount you feel comfortable to complete.

6. Join a network marketing company.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got someone on our Facebook friends list that is part of a network marketing business.  They offer super flexible working arrangements, perfect for motherhood.

Look, it’s not for everyone but there is definitely a brand suited to everyone.

Some popular ones include:

Enjo (cleaning products)

doTERRA (essential oils)

Arbonne (cruelty free skincare & makeup) – I actually joined as a consultant for Arbonne to score the cheaper products because I love them so much.  You can check out how I use their makeup to cover my acne & scarring on my little video here.


7. Sell your clothing/accessories you no longer wear.

Those things you no longer wear, in good condition. What use are they sitting to you in your closet?

Us mums know our life has been reduced to baby spew and poo and let’s face it we won’t be out clubbing anytime soon.

Sell the stuff you won’t be wearing.  Again, Facebook marketplace (clearly, I’m a fan!) Gumtree or eBay are good options.  Just have a little browse online to see what is selling and what the ballpark money you could make is, you’ll prob be surprised how much you could get for something.

Just to add in here – have you ever considered doing your bit for the environment and shopping for your own clothes on these platforms?  You can score some amazing bargains and you’re contributing to slow fashion, which I think is pretty cool.


8. Sell your craft.

If you have a skill or are creatively inclined – have you ever considered selling your wares?

You can open an Etsy shop (fees apply) or again sell online via the suggestions mentioned above.

Often simple stuff is just as popular as the more complex, exquisite pieces so go and have a looksie to get a feel for what else is out there!  At the same time, if you are hand-knitting booties and they take you 400 hours per pair, price accordingly but understand they may not have as much of a market.

PS: Be confident, you got this.


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