WTF is a menstrual cup?

by | May 28, 2018 | Health and Wellness

Let’s talk about menstrual cups.

Anyone who knows me, may have heard me sing the praises of my Juju cup.  I’m not joking when I say it has changed my life.  They can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have the knack – you’ll never look back! (ha, like what I did there?)

Periods are no longer as much of a hassle.  Most of the time, I forget I even have it.

For a lot of women, the period game changes after having kids.  Hormones cause an upheaval of your ‘norm’ and many mums find themselves with very different flow and symptoms to what they experienced before kids.

Another thing to consider is that 8 out of 10 times*, your kids will end up following you to the loo, they will have a million questions for you about your period and probably want to involve themselves in opening your pads and tampons… so fun.

*not an actual researched statistic but TRUE

WTF is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are a silicone ‘cup’ shaped device to be used in place of tampons and pads during your period.  They sit inside your vagina and ‘catch’ the flow through the course of the day or night, then you empty and clean and reuse again (and again and again).

In fact, one menstrual cup will last you for years and years (and if cared for well, potentially the rest of your menstrual journey!) cool, huh?

What are the benefits of menstrual cups?


  • They can be worn overnight (goodbye chunky nighttime pads)
  • You can wear them 2-3 times longer than a single pad or tampon (up to 12 hours!)
  • Decent sized capacity means they are still suitable if you have a heavy flow
  • No odours!
  • You’re saving the environment.  With each woman using on average 10,000 sanitary products in their lifetime, you are reducing a HUGE amount of landfill and protecting our waterways.
  • Save money.   I won’t get too political but you can give a big middle finger to the government for taxing women’s sanitary products (‘luxury’ tax, my arse) by not having to buy them anymore!
  • They are way more comfortable for an active lifestyle – particularly swimming.  No more water-logged tampons. You’ll forget it’s even there!

Tips for using your cup

There are many tips and tricks when using a menstrual cup but my number one hint is: know where your cervix is.

Female anatomy is a huge spectrum of ‘normal’ and your cervix may be sitting a ‘lil to the left, to the right, higher up, lower down or at another weird, jaunty angle – these are all totally normal.  If you know where it lies then you know where your Juju cup needs to aim.  Also keep in mind your cervix changes position during your cycle, even during your period – this is something you will become uber-familiar with, the more you use a menstrual cup.

Another tip is to perfect how you put it in.  I found sitting on the toilet the easiest way, as it brings the cervix forward and makes it so much easier.  You do you, though – you’ll figure out what works best.

Some of the best advice I can offer though,  is to HANG IN THERE.  Don’t give up on it.  I had issues nearly every month until I figured out what I was doing wrong/could be improving. You only get that one opportunity per month to ‘practice’ with it, so give it time to work.

Pretty much every woman that I tell about my Juju cup marvels, feels like it’s a bit ‘gross’ at first.  I must admit I felt the same…  the thought of cleaning it seemed a bit off.

Just for a minute though, think about the alternative… changing pads and tampons isn’t exactly up there with the best experience of your life, is it?

I truly believe these little gems will be the way of the future for periods.  In a world that is fast becoming landfill-city, this could be your chance to do something small, that could make a big impact on our environment.  Plus, make your life and that time of the month, so much easier, period. (sorry had to be done)

Disclaimer: This is in NO way a sponsored post.  I just seriously LOVE this product – ask those closest to me, I rave about menstrual cups (or ask those that aren’t even close to me, I tell everyone!)

For more information, FAQ’s, local stockists, pricing and so much more, visit Juju Australia’s website






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