3 reasons style suffers as a mother

3 reasons style suffers as a mother

Are you stuck in a mum-style rut?

Do you feel like you wear the same thing day-in day-out because well, let’s face it #mumlife?

Do you feel like you’re teetering uncomfortably on the edge of ‘mumsy’ territory?

There’s a reason that ‘mumsy’ became a word for describing ones style, it’s because us mums have slightly different priorities to those who aren’t parents: i.e. keeping child alive.  Style takes a backseat.

3 reasons style suffers as a mother:

1. You’re a bit squishier than you used to be:

Having a healthy pregnancy means putting on a bit of weight, it’s pretty much a given.  This means your fave pre-baby clothing doesn’t fit quite the same as it used to (or like, at all).  Suddenly all those clothes you used to love wearing and looked great in, before having a baby, aren’t so appealing right now.

2. You’re breastfeeding:

If you are breastfeeding your child, practicality takes a front seat when dressing yourself in the morning.  Whether you will be able to lift it up, pull it down or open it to feed become essentials in a piece of clothing

3. Children = Mess, everywhere:

All stages of children’s lives are messy.  Initially it’s the spew, poo and milk.  Then comes the grubby, sticky baby and toddler hands (as well as more spew, poo and milk!).  It becomes essential that your clothing can be chucked in the wash and can hold up to the challenge of little hands clawing at you, daily.  Let’s face it, you aren’t going to be wanting to wear that beautiful white silk blouse you have hanging in your wardrobe because #mumlife and #aintnobodygottimefordrycleaning

Tips for combatting the mum-life style rut:

  1. Stay neutral – wearing neutrals, namely darker colours and basic patterns.  Neutrals help to mask the thrills and spills of mum-life like leaky boobs, baby spew and grubby toddler fingers!

  2. Keep it simple.  Having hundreds (slight exaggeration) of layers on with more accessories than you can poke a stick at is just asking for trouble in mum-life.  Keep layers minimal for comfort and pair simple colours with minimal bold accessories if you are still wanting to make a statement.

  3. Easy care.  Look for garments that are easy to care for i.e. no dry cleaning.  You will gravitate toward the clothes that you can spot clean or chuck in the wash.

The way we dress is actually quite a powerful form of self-expression.  Although when you have a child you become a mother, you are still you underneath all that mum.
This is the biggest motivation behind Borne Too – to help you feel like you, as a mum.  We want you to have effortless, practical and individual style without clashing with the perils and priorities of the mum-life.Stay tuned for some great things this coming year from Borne Too.

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