Why mums should buy all the things for themselves

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There’s no question that mums like buying things but this post is about why mums should buy all the things.. for themselves instead of always putting everyone else a.k.a kids first.

I see it everyday, there’s even been memes made about it; mums spending up big on their kids while they sleep on the ‘Kmart special’ sheet-set with threadbare pjs;


Personalised kids cutlery? Ooh how cute, they’ll eat so much more at mealtimes with these.

Top-of-the-range scooter? Well they’ll get so much more use out of it than the cheap one.

Mini lace-up sandals? SHE NEEDS THEM.

It seems spending on our kids is easily justifiable but on ourselves? No. 

I meet a lot of mums at markets and through my business, a common thread in conversations is the absolute reluctance to buy quality things for themselves.

I mention quality because SO many mums will buy themselves things – just not the things they deserve.

Chain store discounted clothing, crappy bras to breastfeed in, packet hair-colour and half-price cosmetics from the chemist bargain-bin.

I’m absolutely not saying there is anything wrong with saving yourself some money, the beef I have is when mums don’t feel themselves worthy of spending more.

But ya know what mums DO happily drop cash on?

COFFEE.  Look, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  If you asked a mother why she is buying coffee the answer would likely be along the lines of ‘It’s the only thing that keeps me going/maintaining my will to live/I NEED IT’

All valid arguments.

There’s something else that’s kinda necessary in society too…  Clothing.  It isn’t presently acceptable (or legal) to walk around naked (thankfully) and well, sometimes, frankly it’s breezy and we need to cover up.

To buy yourself comfortable, quality pieces of clothing isn’t really asking too much when you put it into perspective is it?

Using clothing as an example (because #bornetoo) let’s explore why it is worth paying more for quality pieces.

Feel free to print the following list out and stick it to your forehead every morning, to remind yourself it is NOT a crime to spend on YOU.

  • Quality items will last way longer than the cheap clothing you own. The won’t pill, shrink or retain those, ahem, aromas, anywhere near as much as cheaply made garments.
  • To wear something well-made is to be comfortable. If you’re a mum, you already know what sorts of situations you get into daily. Nothing like being stuck behind the toilet trying to avoid your toddlers stream of wee, or bending over for the millionth time with bub on your hip because your babe insists on throwing EVERYTHING on the ground, repeatedly. Wearing something comfortable means you can wear it all day long in these wonderful parenting scenarios without feeling like you must keep adjusting your wares.
  • You need it for a purpose. Quality clothing can be highly functional.  Just like you might buy top-of-the-range PPE when going mining (as you do) because it’s the best for the job.  So too, invest in well-made breastfeeding-wear -you need it to serve a purpose.  Plus you’ll probably wear the same thing day after day anyway #breastfeedinglife so you defs want it to be top-notch.
  • Because you bloody deserve it! Parenting is by far one of the hardest gigs we sign up for. We need to look after ourselves and practice a bit of self-love.   Of course, I’m not suggesting you go crazy and spend your life savings on yourself (well, unless you really want to) but if you read other POSTS where we talk about quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe or investing in good staple items – these are the ones I’m talking ‘bout dropping some coin on.
  • Buying from a small business (like us) means you are supporting someone’s dream and boosting the Australian economy!
  • And perhaps, the best reason for spending money on yourself and your wardrobe: chances are you won’t poo all over it.  Seriously, we buy our babies ridiculously expensive, impractical clothing, just to have them explosively shit through the whole outfit.  Yet we won’t buy ourselves some practical, comfortable clothing that we will wear to death? Go figure!
I hope I have made you consider why you are WORTHY of the things you want (or even need).

In the very least, realise that you at least, will cherish and look after your investment pieces… unlike the kids; who will probably leave those expensive scooters down at the park, chuck the personalised cutlery on the floor and never actually get around to wearing those toddler shoes…

Go on, spoil yourself

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