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by | Feb 4, 2019 | Business, the 'hood

Where to for Borne Too?


Hey guys,

Long time, no blog!  I’ll cut to the chase…

As many of you may have been aware, I have been toying with the idea of where to go with Borne Too for some time now.

I have been torn between my desire to build my own business and the fact that I am just simply not passionate about creating breastfeeding clothing anymore.  It took a lot of soul-searching but I have made the decision to discontinue Borne Too as it currently stands.

There’s a couple of reasons it’s taken me so long to decide what to do. 

The first being that there is this sense of failure, of not ‘completing’ something by winding up with Borne Too.  Even though many small businesses pivot within the first few years, I felt pretty shit about how much money we put into the biz and had a huge sense of obligation to continue.  Thankfully, my husband Kane has been super supportive even though I’m sure (I know) he felt just as disappointed as me, at times.

Secondly, I just wasn’t making the time in my brain to really consider my options and explore what I wanted to do. 

FIFO kicked my butt last year.  Kane working 4 weeks on/ 2 weeks off was doing my head in. I found myself procrastinating about everything and feeling overwhelmed by tasks – especially ones as big as ‘what to do with Borne Too’.  I went back to a psychologist to break down some of the big issues and holy sheet guys, it has helped immensely, I feel so much better within myself and it has given me a lot of clarity.  Totes recommend chatting to a professional if you are struggling with any issues big or small.

I learnt a lot about goal setting and once I actually sat down and put pen to paper, things became so much clearer and well, here I am writing this blog which was part of my goals.. winning!

So, what’s next?  Well, I’m working on that… 

Owning Borne Too taught me HUGE lessons in business but more importantly, in life.  I love the challenges and triumphs of owning a business so it is definitely something I will continue.

Right now, I’m leaving it up to the universe to show me what it is that is meant for me, I love the saying ‘what is meant for me is meant to be.’  Pretty simple, to the point and I truly believe there are no coincidences in life, rather things that happen to teach us life lessons.

This means I’ll be changing the website to reflect what’s happening and will be posting all sale items etc. in stages – so keep an eye on the shop page if you want to snare a bargain.

I will still continue to blog, I haven’t been writing a lot lately but if you want to tune in you can find me over there and I plan to create many more posts to share this messy journey with you, along the way.

Thank you for your incredible support on this big-little journey that I’ve been on.  I am so very grateful to everyone I have met along the way, from customers to mentors and the friends I’ve collected in business.  You are the best!






Borne Too is a creative enterprise specialising in illustration and custom content creation for your small business.

Based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. 

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