Tips For Finding Balance As A Mum In Business

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The results from my Mums In Business survey are in – thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the quick survey.  I have always been interested in figuring out how to find balance as a mum in business. If you want to contribute to the collective voice of women navigating business and motherhood, you can complete the survey– it takes 5 minutes.

The reason I did the survey was to not only validate what I felt were common blocks for mums running their own businesses but also to help come up with solutions to our problems.  I’ve touched on this topic before – so it’s clearly something I’m super passionate about.

In the words of Marie Forleo, “Everything is figureoutable” and I truly believe this.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and there is nothing that can stop mums from growing alongside their families and achieving their own dreams.

The results from the survey haven’t been surprising but can you guess what the number one challenge that mums face in running/building their business is?

Drumroll please….


And I hear ya loud and clear.  I see you nodding along.

It’s a lot.  Trying to juggle all the things.  I know, because I’m there too – Every. Single. Day.

For this reason, I wanted to share what helps me in managing the juggle and finding more time in my day not only to work on my business, but to do the things that fill my cup, too:

1. Accepting that we can’t do it all, every day.

We all have different thresholds of how much we feel we can carry in our daily load – only you will know what feels truly right for you. If we constantly try to fit more into our day than is possible, we will eventually burn out and spend days/weeks/months catching up and never feeling like we are accomplishing anything.

2. Practicing positive affirmations/mantras.

“I have plenty of time to do all the things I need to do today.”

I remember reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and he speaks about how we so often tell ourselves we don’t have enough time.  And you know the ‘ol law of attraction – it gives us what we are seeking.  So if we are always feeling rushed, busy and that we don’t have enough time, then guess what we will feel like? BINGO– we will never feel like we have enough time.  Telling myself I have enough time to do all the things I need to do helps to relax me and reminds me not to rush.

3. Stop wasting your days scrolling on socials.

Not so long ago, I turned on the setting on my iPhone that tracks your screen time. I estimated that I spent around an hour on my phone each day. WRONG. I was spending anywhere from 3-5 hours PER DAY in screen time.  I was shocked (and ashamed, really) because I knew that most of that time was wasted just scrolling mindlessly.

Set boundaries, be mindful and think about all the other things you could be doing in that time.  For example – I’m currently doing some online training (for something super exciting that I will share in the coming weeks) and this week, instead of scrolling on my phone in the morning before school whilst drinking my coffee, I watched 2-3 training modules and even got in a little journaling/intention setting – creating clarity for my day.  Other things you could squeeze in:  A quick 10 minute yoga, clean the kitchen, put a load of washing on or chuck on a face mask.

4. Outsource where possible.

This includes childcare. Not only am I far more productive – I am way happier when I’ve had time to do the things that light me up – this includes working on my business. When I’m happier, I’m a much more pleasant woman to be around and I feel like that only has a flow-on effect with my kids.  I know the guilt, the shame that can be associated with putting your child in daycare.  I also know the guilt and the shame of yelling at my kids for not letting me finish my goddamn email, making a mess of the house when I’m on a call or feeling totally worn out and like it’s all too hard.  Ultimately, I choose to offset the latter.  If you aren’t completely comfortable with having your children in daycare, then a nanny or babysitter is an alternative option, even just for a couple of hours a week.

If you don’t want to outsource caring for your children, why not outsource some other things like hiring a cleaner once a fortnight to deep clean your bathrooms, subscribe to a meal-prep box like Hello Fresh or hire a PT to come and kick your butt at home.

5. Have a plan of attack.

Whether it’s something as simple as writing a to-do list for your day or completing a social media content strategy to use over weeks, having a plan helps. It means you can maximise those little pockets of time that open up through the day and it can also mean that you realise you’ll be able to schedule in some chill-out time or catch up on the Bachy episodes when you have space in your days.


Something that really resonated with me, reading Emma Isaacs book, Winging It – was the analogy she makes about life and priorities being a bit like a 4 burner stovetop. One burner might be work, one family, one friendships and one self-care.  Sometimes all the burners are going at a gentle simmer and you find there’s a lovely balance and flow in life.
Other times one burner has extinguished itself because the neighbouring hotplate is going off its tits and has boiled over.

That’s simply life.  We are pulled and stretched in all sorts of different directions, it’s challenging and it’s also where the most growth happens.  Learning to lean into the chaos of life with radical acceptance of the ups and downs is probably the number one way to truly achieve balance.

So I guess I’m saying that the best way to achieve balance is to accept that you won’t achieve balance all the time, how’s that for irony!?



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